CPU Optimization Architect 2944

San Jose, US-United States
Posted 3 months ago
About The Company

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About the Team

The technology middle platform team is dedicated to exploring fundamental technologies and products related to emerging and innovative technology fields.

Job Responsibilities

– Design and implement optimization solutions for specific scenarios to improve CPU execution efficiency.
– Analyze and evaluate the performance of existing CPU scheduling algorithms, find optimization directions, set optimization goals, and develop optimization plans.
– Conduct in-depth research on CPU scheduling principles to find scheduling algorithms more suitable for interactive tasks and mobile devices.
– Develop measurement methods for CPU scheduling and execution efficiency, and collaborate with the testing team to implement a degradation prevention monitoring solution.
– Participate in system performance testing and tuning to ensure the optimization effects meet expectations.
– Track and research the latest industry developments in scheduling and CPU technologies, and develop and implement appropriate technical solutions.


– Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or a related field.
– Understanding of modern CPU architecture and implementation (such as cache systems, branch prediction, etc.), with the ability to optimize code at the CPU level.
– Familiarity with operating system principles and a deep understanding of the kernel scheduler’s working mechanism.
– Knowledge of one or more kernel CPU schedulers (such as CFS, BFS, FIFO, etc.) implementation, and the principles and implementation of governors.
– Understanding of different scheduling algorithms’ applicable scenarios and potential problems, with experience in optimizing shortcomings of CFS, FIFO, etc.
– Good analytical and problem-solving skills, capable of quickly locating and resolving performance issues.
– Excellent communication, and team coordination skills.

Job Features

Job CategoryEmbedded Systems
SeniorityStaff IC / Senior Staff IC / Architect
Base Salary$224,000 - $410,000

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